What is the difference between Yourauto.ca and a traditional Classified ads site?

With Tonauto.co you will be able to get more money for your vehicle. In average you will earn about $2000 more than selling your vehicle to a car dealership.

SELLING CARS IS OUR JOB: YOURAUTO.CA will have a dedicated sales rep to answer all the leads immediately. You will not miss any call, email or opportunity to sell. That will give you more time to focus on your work and family. It is just like using the services of a real estate agency to help sell your house.

CAR LOANS: We offer car loans to potential buyers and that makes a huge difference knowing that in 2017 alone, Americans applied for and racked up $568.6 billion in auto loans. More than 60% of car buyers are only concidering vehicles that they can pay by instalments. 

Is YourAuto.ca charging me to sell my vehicle?

Our service is free for the seller. We will not charge you to sell your vehicle. 

However you can choose to upgrade to a premium account if you wish to sell your car faster and get the best visibility. Your car will be always visible on the first page of the car listings.

Why do I need to pay for an inspection report?

In order for Yourauto.ca to sell your car we need to make sure that your vehicle is in very good condition.

We also need to provide a legal warranty to any potential buyer for at least 30 days or 1700km. If anything happens after the sale Yourauto.ca will take care of talking to the buyer and repairing the vehicle if needed.

We must provide to every potential buyer the right knowledge to make the best decision. We will only sell the best vehicles to our clientele. If you had some repairs done recently we will make sure to point it out to the potential buyers. A well maintained car will be easier to sell for our sales team.

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